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amatodesign is a boutique scale design studio with a commitment to understanding the client’s requirements for a project and carry out creative solutions.  Our objective is to offer clients a high quality of built form by undertaking  a more intimate level focusing on attention to detail and being able to maintain the integrity of the design from concept through to completion.

We offer concept/schematic design, design development, interior design, town planning applications, construction documentation & project management.  Our project capabilities are (but not limited to) residential alterations & additions, new residential, multi-residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality & retail.

amatodesign works closely with clients, builders and consultants to ensure that the excellence they are known for is represented in all projects.

          “to achieve simplicity paradoxically requires an enormous amount of effort. To create simplicity, to reduce an artefact, an object, an artwork, or a room to its essential minimum requires patience, effort and care”    –     john pawson


Robert Amato – Bachelor of Architecture (honours)

Robert graduated from Deakin University in 2000 with honours and gained experience with a variety of Melbourne firms before establishing amatodesign in 2008.

Robert has a passion, vision and drive for architecture and design whether it’s a small scale bespoke residential project, large scale apartment or retail fitout. Robert likes to explore the use and composition of various materials to create clean, simple, modern lines and forms both inside and out to deliver high quality and functional projects for clients and focusing efforts towards tailer-made and unique results.



  • Concept/Schematic design

  • Design development

  • Construction documentation


  • Town planning applications

  • Project management


  • All
  • Residential - Multi
  • Residential - Single
  • Interiors
  • Commercial - Retail


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QLD Office 
29 Gibson close,
Clifton Beach
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VIC Office 
Studio 61 The Cotton Mills
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